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Stream of climate consciousness from Nigeria

A series of 5 Climate Factsheets unhesitatingly predict the impacts of climate change in Nigeria.

TV or not TV: that is the Nigerian question

With less than a fortnight to go before the presidential election, Nigerian voters continue to be denied the opportunity of assessing the leading candidates in a televised debate.

African observers to pounce on UK election

We often hear critical reports on the conduct of African elections by international observers. If the tables were turned, what might a team of Africans have to say about the UK general election?

Lights out in Nottingham or Nigeria?

Climate Camp protesters at Ratcliffe have a clear message. No more coal. Does this attribute of simplicity compromise the bigger picture of developing countries which lack electricity?

Mobile Revolutions in the Developing World

In the same week, OneWorld UK gave presentations at the World Economic Forum in Davos and in the state of Bauchi in northern Nigeria. Pioneering applications of mobile phone technology are the common factor.

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