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OneWorld founders hand over the keys

Anuradha Vittachi and Peter Armstrong, co-founders of OneWorld, have retired. Their contribution to international development through applications of new media technologies over the last 18 years has been immense.

Global poverty needs global priority

The new OneWorld Global Poverty Guide strives to inject new energy into the reordering of global priorities that is needed more than ever to create a fairer world.

Assorted omens for Copenhagen climate agreement

The mood of last week’s World Business Summit on Climate Change was positive that climate negotiators will reach agreement in Copenhagen in December. But US Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, appears to be in hasty retreat from election promises.

Mobile Revolutions in the Developing World

In the same week, OneWorld UK gave presentations at the World Economic Forum in Davos and in the state of Bauchi in northern Nigeria. Pioneering applications of mobile phone technology are the common factor.

The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie

Syria has a thriving industry in the design and manufacture of imaginative women’s lingerie. A new book “The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie” reveals much about women’s freedom in the Arab world.

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