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Jeffrey Sachs LSE lecture: the missing piece

The LSE lecture on post-2015 sustainable development goals given by Professor Jeffrey Sachs digressed from the brief but perhaps for understandable reasons.

Population growth will not wait for US recovery

The eventual resolution of the US 2012 budget for foreign aid is unlikely to show mercy to international NGOs involved with population issues. Meanwhile, the stories of urgent family planning needs in developing countries keep coming.

They don’t want to talk about sex

The new head of the UN Population Fund, Dr Babatunde Osotimehin, hinted at tensions between conservative interests and the need for universal family planning during his London visit last week.

Speak on population at your peril

A London conference on population issues draws an awkward comparison with climate change.

Population experts demand funding for international family planning

A high-level population conference has appealed to international donors to step up financial support for family planning and reproductive health services in developing countries.

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