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Scientists warn that sustainable development is not enough

The global science profession is calling on nation states to accept new responsibilities for planetary stewardship that are more demanding than envisaged by the landmark UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) coming up in June.

Planet Under Pressure 2012 – final day

Live blog of proceedings of final day of The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference.

Global relationships in urgent need of warming

Senior politicians and business leaders are not talking to the scientists or development experts. The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference warns that this is a recipe for failure at Rio+20. But the participants have their own communication barriers too.

Scientists welcome Anthropocene with less science, more solutions

The world’s leading earth scientists have been summoned to a London conference in a last ditch attempt to influence the outcome of the UN summit on the future of people and the planet in Rio de Janeiro in June.

Conference notes: 22nd March

Today’s jottings about the forthcoming Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference. The delegation from Arizona wants to “recast” the science research agenda. And the Global Warming Policy Foundation wants to recast the policy briefs published for the event.

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