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Confined to barracks, consoled by Oscar Wilde

The mystery of unsustainable lifestyles is the gap between those who worry and those who stay calm and carry on. Perhaps it’s time to understand each other.

Scientists scour planet for attentive audience

Nobody seems to listen to what earth scientists are saying about the fate of the planet, not even the UN General Assembly when addressed by Johan Rockstrom.

Ecosystem services need social science more than slogans

Professor Joshua Farley’s Oxford lecture “The Political Economy of Ecosystem Services” warns against subjecting nature to the forces of market mechanisms.

Sir Porritt and Lord John in Delhi comedy of manners

Jonathon Porritt and Lord Prescott made telling contributions on climate change at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS).

Give this conference the third degree on global warming

The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference is in need of a legacy. Scientists should be encouraged to say what they think about the prospects for limiting global warming to two degrees. The consequences could be profound.

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