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The elusive nexus of complexity and principles

Owen Barder’s lecture about complexity and development raises questions about UK development policy and the role of sustainability in complexity theory.

Another Rio banana skin for David Cameron

The Future We Want is the name of the Zero draft outcome document for the Rio+20 conference. Its content is not in line with the future the UK government wants.

Aid dilemmas bypassed by Busan Partnership

UK parliamentarians have instructed Andrew Mitchell to impose conditions on foreign aid to fragile or conflict-related countries such as Rwanda and Malawi. Have they given thought to what happens to the poor when aid is withdrawn as a punishment for bad government?

UK carries its climate credentials to Durban

Thanks to its pace-setting climate change legislation, the UK will occupy the moral high ground at the Durban climate talks. Will the minister put this advantage to the cause of the planet?

Quantitative monkey business

Development economists increasingly advise donors to give aid directly to the poor. Why does the Bank of England hand out its favours directly to the banks?

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