Source material and useful links

for Tread Softly background briefings on Global Poverty

PovcalNet – the World Bank tool for creating global poverty statistics

Poverty chapter from 2016 World Bank report Poverty and Shared Prosperity: Taking on Inequality


The Commitment to Reducing Inequality Indexfrom Oxfam

An Economy for the 99% – Oxfam Briefing Paper

International Poverty Line

Monitoring Global Poverty – Summary Report of the Commission on Global Poverty

A Global Count of the Extreme Poor in 2012 – Data Issues and Methodology in updating the International Poverty Line to $1.90, from World Bank

Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) – Frequently Asked Questions

Poverty Analysis and Advocacy

Taking on Inequality – Poverty and Prosperity 2016 (World Bank)

Investments to End Poverty 2015 from Development Initiatives

Global Call to Action Against Poverty

The Chronic Poverty Report 2014/15: Executive Summary

Social Protection

Chronic Poverty Advisory Network

Sustainable Development Goal
From a Billion to Zero:Three Key Ingredients to End Extreme Poverty, by Laurence Chandy, Hiroshi Kato, and Homi Kharas

Climate Change
Zero Poverty Zero Emissions – Eradicating extreme poverty in the climate crisis – Summary report from Overseas  Development Institute

Tax Justice
Tax Justice Network