Source material and useful links

for Tread Softly background briefings on Water Scarcity

News and Analysis

Nature-based Solutions for Water – UN World Water Development Report 2018

World Resources Institute

Global Water Forum

The Third Pole – understanding Asia’s water crisis

The Water Channel (video content)

Sustainable Development Goal


An Agenda for Water Action – Outcome Document of the UN High Level Panel on Water

Renewable internal freshwater resources per capita from World Bank

Water Cycle

The Water Cycle from US Geological Survey

How Big Water Projects Helped Trigger Africa’s Migrant Crisis from Yale Environment 360

Water Energy Food Nexus

Thinking about water differently, report from Asian Development Bank

Measuring mapping and understanding water risks around the world from World Resources Institute

International Rivers

Drinking Water

The Water Gap – state of the world’s water, from WaterAid

Water Wars

Nile Basin Initiative

Water Stress is Helping Drive Conflict and Migration from World Resources Institute

International Organisations

UN Water

World Bank and Water

International Water Management Institute