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COP18 Doha UN climate talks Dec 1st/2nd

At the mid-point of the 2012 UN climate talks. there’s evidence from Third World Network that key players such as the US are blocking progress. It’s conceivable that the 350.org roadshow campaign has achieved more in the past week.

Will Doha tolerate climate protests at COP18?

Locating the UN climate talks in Qatar may prove controversial if activists are banned from street protest. Greenpeace is in talks with the government. A new Arab Youth Climate Movement will bring a welcome new voice to COP18.

UN Biodiversity Conference diminished by no-show NGOs

International green activist groups stayed away from COP11 on the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Hyderabad. Was this wise?

Energy poverty news: Rio+20: June 13

Radical civil society groups are calling for the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative to be rejected. In complete contrast, three UN leaders explain why energy access is so crucial to development, and to women in particular.

No rest for reds under the beds

“Capitalism in crisis” goes out the cry in Europe and North America. These old-fashioned debates about inequality in wealthy economies fail to connect with the real issues of the modern world.

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