An educational resource that promotes the values of global citizenship and international cooperation

Tread Softly briefings cover almost 100 topics relevant to sustainable development and global justice, organised into 12 familiar headings. The briefings offer basic analysis of the world’s major social and environmental problems. They seek to demonstrate that solutions invariably depend on principled international agreement and coordinated action.

Whilst the content strives to recognise differing views on controversial issues, there is a bias towards the call to “leave no one behind”, as articulated in the UN’s Global Goals on Sustainable Development. These Goals recognise principles of justice and equity, currently unfashionable, but likely to become the essential tools of humanity as the planet wrestles with its environmental limits.

The Tread Softly News Selection aims to bridge the gap between updates of the briefings (typically 6 months). Links to selected news stories illustrate and update the content of the briefings. Each link is supplemented by a Tread Softly Comment which aims to add context within the topic range of this overall resource.


Tread Softly briefings are researched and edited by Bill Gunyon, formerly Editor of OneWorld Guides, a similar educational resource produced between 2003 and 2012. The Guides were published on, a pioneer of online content concerned with human rights and sustainable development from 1995.

Bill worked for OneWorld, an international NGO based in the UK, in a variety of roles for nearly 20 years, retiring in 2018. His blog is Waiting to Credit Marvels.


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