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Jobs for refugees in transit: the new aid conditionality

A fundamental reshaping of European and UK aid strategy may be happening under our noses, with little public scrutiny. The so-called “jobs compact” for Ethiopia announced at the UN’s September summit on refugees and migrants is a prime example but has provoked little reaction. This package of UK aid and EU soft loans would be unremarkable in its aim to create 100,000 jobs through construction of a couple of business parks, were it not for the eye-watering price tag of […]

Agility trumps analysis for international NGO strategy

These are tricky times for shaping NGO strategy. The business model for the traditional UK and European agencies may be broken. Let’s go on holiday

The shock doctrine of climate activism

Never let a good crisis go to waste is the inspiration of the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Does this imply that climate change campaigners must bide their time until the next Hurricane Katrina?

Bonus pools plumb depths of injustice

A scandal of global inequality will unfold over coming weeks as investment banks declare their results. Without our taxes, there would have been no bonuses.

Public image of aid threatens climate talks

Critics of the aid industry point to Kenya where rampant government corruption has not stopped the aid flowing. If the Copenhagen talks are to succeed, we need more positive attitudes towards aid.

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