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The green pen is mightier than the polar bear

If the other short stories in Beacons are half as good as Take Notice by Adam Thorpe, then this publishing venture by Stop Climate Chaos will be rewarded.

Happy days of hunter-gathering

A new book on the role of food in shaping history suggests that stone age man was taller than our modern selves.

Trafficking, insurgency and globalisation in India

There are social and economic connections between the Naxalite assault in Chhattisgarh and the unresolved problem of human trafficking of sex slaves to Mumbai. Is globalisation a common contributory factor?

Connecting rural India then and now

The closure of the Redcar blast furnace in Teesside is an ironic reversal of colonial power relations between Britain and India. But India’s industrialists cannot rest easy until their wealth stimulates the rural economy.

The Worst Week Ever

This has been a terrible week for climate change campaigners. Should we take our cue from US Senator John Kerry and just avoid mentioning the climate word?

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