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No favours for coffee farmers in Lima climate flop

The coffee plant is sensitive to temperature and the full impact of climate change on coffee may become apparent even during our lifetimes. The feeble outcome of the Lima COP20 UN climate talks represents more bad news for coffee growers and drinkers.

Carbon budget math is not that simple

The Rio Tinto write down of coal in Mozambique may be a preview of the sub-prime carbon era.Climate change campaigners believe that stock markets are inflated by a carbon bubble. Science estimates the safe carbon budget but which countries own it?

Vulnerable countries show climate leadership

The world’s poorest countries attending the Climate Vulnerable Forum in Bangladesh resolve to overturn the status quo and lead the way towards low carbon economics.

G20 ministers reject calls for climate justice

Proposals for a global financial transaction tax to help the development of poor countries affected by climate change have been ignored by the world’s leading finance ministers.

Blair unfit to lead Europe on climate change

On a visit to China last week, Tony Blair said that encouraging people to reduce flying and driving is not an appropriate response to climate change. This is not good enough for a prospective president of the European Union.

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