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COP18 Doha UN climate talks Nov 30

Artur Runge-Metzger explains the lack of progress on each of the negotiating tracks in the UN climate talks. And US NGOs set out their hopes that the post-election Obama factor will see a more conciliatory approach by the US delegation.

COP18 Doha UN climate talks Nov 28

Plenty of worries on European matters on Day 3 at the UN climate talks. Is Poland a suitable host for COP19 and why is Europe refusing to improve its emissions promise for 2020 when it’s already been achieved?

IMF owes no favours to Europe

There’s a breathtaking arrogance in demands by European leaders to choose the next IMF head on grounds that the euro crisis dominates the IMF agenda.

Another good crisis goes to waste

The euro currency rescue forced dramatic U-turns from Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Trichet, with President Obama in the background. Why did global poverty campaigners have nothing to say?

Europe searches for democracy in Google algorithm

Google may be in trouble with the European Commission for airbrushing its competitors from search results. What matters more for ordinary people is the quality of the results themselves.

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