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Test for alliances at Durban climate talks

Is Africa split over future of the Kyoto Protocol? Can REDD survive without a second commitment period? Are the BASIC countries singing from the same hymn sheet on climate change? Key questions for the climate talks next week.

Cancún condemns ocean acidification to footnote

The Cancún climate change agreement pays little attention to the threat of ocean acidification. Environmental campaigners should do more to redress the balance.

Cancún path to climate compensation culture

Global economic recession prevented the Cancún climate change conference from achieving any meaningful progress. But the small print may contain significant acceptance that global warming causes “loss and damages”.

How to get high on ambition in Cancún

Climate change negotiations in Cancún appear to be deadlocked. But what do ministers really think? What do their children think? A truth drug would transform the conference result.

The US Emperor brings no clothes to Cancún

The US position in the Cancún climate change conference is that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” Can it deliver its own side of this bargain?

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