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REDD shafted by deepwater drilling concessions

Pressure builds on Indonesia to sign up to a moratorium on deforestation. Meanwhile, both US and UK governments refuse pleas for a moratorium on deepwater drilling for oil. Is this a contradiction?

Fuel subsidies debacle undermines global warming roadmap

The abrupt New Year’s Eve reversal of President Morales’ decision to raise petrol and diesel prices represents a setback for prospects of reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.

Innospec verdict rumbles BAE pact

Lord Justice Thomas has delivered a body blow to the strategy of the UK Serious Fraud Office for dealing with corporate corruption. Higher standards of prosecution in the UK could strengthen the credibility of our aid conditions imposed on developing countries.

Sri Lanka forgoes tsunami goodwill

The tragedy of the 2004 tsunami brought peace to Aceh after 30 years of conflict. In very similar circumstances, why did Sri Lanka take the opposite approach and abandon reconciliation?

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