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Give this conference the third degree on global warming

The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference is in need of a legacy. Scientists should be encouraged to say what they think about the prospects for limiting global warming to two degrees. The consequences could be profound.

Conference notes: 27th March

A potential setback on Day 2 of the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference. The UN’s preparatory negotiations for Rio+20 are not following the script.

Global relationships in urgent need of warming

Senior politicians and business leaders are not talking to the scientists or development experts. The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference warns that this is a recipe for failure at Rio+20. But the participants have their own communication barriers too.

Planetary boundaries or opportunities?

The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference has opened with a blunt dilemma. Signs of improvement in our environmental stewardship are insufficient to halt the slide towards the limits.

Social tolerance may flip before planetary boundaries

The concept of planetary boundaries is helpful for environmentalists but the limits of human tolerance may prove more immediate.

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