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Climate change and art: just good friends

Is this a climate change poem which I see before me? I certainly hope so, because art in all its forms has the potential to succeed, where conventional channels of communication have so spectacularly failed to convey the urgency of global warming. It’s far from certain whether Hence, a short poem by Simon Armitage commissioned for the forthcoming Winchester Poetry Festival, aspires to offer more than a supremely imaginative description of Antony Gormley’s Sound II, the much-admired life-size human figure […]

The sublime, the climate and Eleanor Catton

Eleanor Catton writes about the inadequacy of language to describe nature. Perhaps it’s no surprise that climate scientists can’t explain what’s being lost.

Scientists scour planet for attentive audience

Nobody seems to listen to what earth scientists are saying about the fate of the planet, not even the UN General Assembly when addressed by Johan Rockstrom.

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